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Baling Tape Consumables

Browse our selection of robust Baler Tape, specifically engineered to secure your compacted bales with superior strength and reliability, ensuring easy handling and transport

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Baler Tape Frequently asked Questions

What is Baling Tape?

Baling tape is a strong and durable binding material used for securing and packaging bales of various materials. It is typically made of materials like polypropylene or polyester and comes in the form of a flat or round tape. Baling tape is designed to withstand the pressure and tension applied during the baling process, ensuring that the bales remain tightly bound and secure. It is commonly used in industries such as agriculture, recycling, and waste management.

What is Baling Tape used for?

Baling tape is used to tightly secure and bind bales of materials like hay, straw, cardboard, paper, plastics, and textiles. It ensures the bales remain compact and secure during handling, transportation, and storage.

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