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Waste Compactors

Browse the range of UKWR waste compactors for sale or lease hire. Perfect for reducing the volume of waste.

Available to Purchase or Lease

Portable Compactors

Available to Purchase or Lease

Static Compactors

Waste Compactors

Why compact?

By moving 100% compacted waste, organisations will avoid paying for the removal of ‘fresh air’ associated with open-top, FEL or wheelie bin uplifts, resulting in significant haulage cost savings. The benefits of a static waste compactor include:

  • Improves your organisations carbon footprint
  • Reduces waste removal costs
  • Improves your waste management system which can be organised by us
  • Improves your sites overall health & safety
  • Improves your sites overall look, cleanliness and tidiness
  • Models to suit both low and high-volume waste

UKWR are a registered upper tier waste carrier and broker, meaning we hold key accounts with major national waste collectors and waste transfer sites allowing us to take care of your waste in the most hassle free, eco-friendly, and cost-effective way.
Our compacted general waste is also mostly diverted from landfill to recycling and energy recovery – again reducing long-term costs and improving you sites environmental performance. We currently achieve over 90% landfill diversion across our active sites.

Save on Disposal Costs

Stop filling bins and skips with bulky waste.

Minimise Environmental Impact

Reduce the number of collections required.

Keep your Site Clean & Tidy

Compactors stop bins from overflowing.