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Baling Wire Consumables

Browse our selection of robust Baler Wire, specifically engineered to secure your compacted bales with superior strength and reliability, ensuring easy handling and transport

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Baler Wire Frequently asked Questions

What is Baling Wire?

Baler wire is a strong wire used to securely bind bales of various materials for easy handling and transportation

What is Baling Wire used for?

Baling wire is used to securely bind bales of materials such as hay, straw, recyclables, and scrap metal for easy handling and transport.

What is Baler Wire made of?

Baler wire is typically crafted from high-quality materials like steel or galvanised wire. Steel wire is renowned for its exceptional strength and durability, effectively resisting stretching or breaking under tension. Galvanised wire, on the other hand, is steel wire coated with a protective layer of zinc, enhancing its resistance to corrosion. This coating provides added protection against rust, making galvanised wire a preferred choice when dealing with moisture or challenging environmental conditions. Both steel and galvanised baler wires are widely utilised due to their reliability in securely holding bales of different materials during the baling process.

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